New! Digital Enrollment – Stay in touch with the PTO!

Dear Families,
As we start this new and unpredictable school year the Charlton PTO would like to invite you to become a member by completing the digital enrollment form. There is no commitment or required volunteering to be a member! Completing the “Charlton PTO Form” simply puts you on our mailing list to receive our emails and stay updated on any happenings. Even if you follow us on Facebook, we ask you to complete this form so we have your contact info for email and other important updates.
The goal of the PTO this year is to support our schools and families and provide a way for families to continue to feel connected. We may not be able to be in person as much, but we are still a community…and an amazing one at that.
Filling out the PTO form will allow us to reach you and keep you informed. If you have previously been a PTO member, we are asking you to fill this out as well. A special thank you to Blaine Schnare for helping us digitize our annual enrollment form!
Yes, this year will look and feel different than years past, but we will get through this together. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Michele Gaudreau
PTO President

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